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  • The Collection; Or Me, Navigating a Bureaucracy In a Language I Do Not Understand

    This post and many more around here, was originally posted on livejournal in 2007. Reposted here largely for my own amusement. Yesterday, I had to renew my visa. Holy shit was it a mess. There is really no way I am going to be able to explain how nuts the whole experience was, how confused I was, how […]

  • Review: Mafouz’s The Palace Walk

    One among many reviews originally posted to livejournal. Palace Walk: The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 1 Nagib Mafouz The Palace Walk is wonderful novel.  In the translation published by the Everyman Library it is funny, biting and tragic with precise descriptions and deeply thought out characters. Though I haven’t read much of the great western popular […]

  • The Zamalek Boardwalk

    Another post originally written for livejournal during my stay in Cairo. This is the boardwalk a couple of blocks from my house on the island of Zamalek. On one end stands the Iraqi embassy, on the other, the hip nightclub Sequoia. It’s a small little site – only about two blocks long. On weekend nights, […]

  • Islamic Cairo I

    Note: another old post from a long-dean LJ account I had while I lived in Cairo Friday was my first excursion into Islamic Cairo, the part of town built after the “opening of Cairo” as my coworker and guide, K told me. We were more interested in taking our time and enjoying the day then […]

  • The Cabbie Photo

    This is among a large number of posts I’ve moved from a now defunct livejournal account. It was written in the summer of 2007 when I lived in Egypt. I have been thinking about this photo in a hundred different ways. What does it say for someone like me to take a picture of the […]