Another Day, Another Couple Miles

I did a set of deadlifts two days ago for the first time in at least six months and man, my legs are still hurting. I have to find a way to get reular strength training back into my routine without giving up miles and without adding too much more time to my training regime.

Yesterday was another fun day at the gym. Its been raining every day here for a week and so I have been on the treadmill, which I hate. The only upside to the ‘mill is knowing your pace and getting to watch Manny Ramirez coverage on the television. After 4.75 miles of utter boredom I did some jump rope work and benched a little just cause I had the time (3x5x115) and then did some rowing on the concept 2 (1221 meters in 5 minutes). Man that thing take it out of you. I felt great about it though and will definitely be rowing a bunch for crosstraining.

Learn to love the rower

Learn to love the rower

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