So, basically, I suck. Yesterday was apparently, national running day and what did I do? Miss my run. I had planned to get up and run in the morning before bar/bri, but it was pouring outside and I am lazy and I stayed in bed. As I said, I suck. Then, today, it was pouring again and again I didn’t get up. In the two days since I promised myself I would get up in the morning and run I have made neither day. This is ridiculous. Tonight I am schedule to go rock climbing till ten o’clock or so, but am considering running afterwards and then running again tomorrow morning. This might be insane, but the thought of not running for two days in a row in the middle of the week, simply because my schedule is getting the better of me is maddening.

All this is to say, I must get this morning running thing under control next week or my summer training is going to go down the tubes quick.

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  1. lindsay

    hey running in the rain isn’t always awesome and it’s hard to make yourself go out there when it’s raining from the start. mid-run rain, often refreshing, especially when it’s 80+ out.

    don’t kill yourself if you miss today’s run too. just make yourself get up tomorrow morning and make it happen. like you said… less schedule conflicts in the morning!

  2. seanv2

    Yeah, surprising no one it is eleven o’clock and I’m just getting home. No run for me. Four miles tomorrow though for sure!

  3. tgorourke

    I thought of another reason I run in the morning, which might help you, motivation-wise.

    Even if my whole day turns to shit, for whatever reason, if I’ve run in the morning, no one can take that away. It also tends to put me in a better mood, I think, because I’ve gotten the blood flowing early.

    Does that make any sense?

  4. seanv2

    That definitely makes sense, and I feel the same way when I actually get the stupid run in. Tomorrow is a new week, and I am going to try the morning runs again. Wish me luck!

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