12 miler

Just got back from my first tweleve mile run in years and I feel remarkably good. Time was a frankly shocking 1:44:18, so I did that in sub nine minute miles. Maybe a four hour marathon isn’t out of the question.

The run itself was through rock creek park, down around most of the mall and then up 16th street and home. Not much to report beside a motorcade going up 15th that had all the tourists freaking out and shouting Obama. I didn’t have the hear to tell them  I’m pretty sure Barack is still over seas and the motorcade was about six cars too short for him. Most likely it was Reid or someone of that caliber. I see Biden’s motocade most days when it passes by my work and even his is way bigger than this one today.

On the logistics of the run, weather was perfect, not too hot, but I still felt a little woozy climbing the stairs to my apartment. I think I am going to have to start taking a gel somewhere around the ninety minute mark, especially when it starts to get really hot here.

Finally, I chatted for a while with a woman riding her bike who was wearing an Ironman Lake Placid jersey, she assured me that twelve miles in June meant I’d be fine come October. I hope she’s right.

8 thoughts on “12 miler

  1. If it were me, I’d be grabbing gels earlier than 90 minutes, but then, I’m a wimp.

    You know when I was down in D.C. at the beginning of April, I saw a motorcade and wondered who it was, to deserve a police escort, even, but I knew Obama was out of town. So, how big is Biden’s motorcade?

  2. I have got to figure out a strategy for the gels. My stomach tends not to handle them well, so I want to limit it to one or two during the marathon, I think. Luckily I have plenty of time to work out the kinks and get it right!

    Oh, and Biden’s motorcade is generally two, sometimes three stretch towncars, plus a half dozen or so motorcycles, a couple of regular cruisers and two big SUV with guys with machines guns handing out the back. It is pretty intimidating. I have also seen Barack a couple of times and his is even more insane.

  3. My brother in law has the same problem in that he can’t handle the gus or gels well either. He uses smarties and other kinds of food – I can check with him if you like.

    oh, and he has found that he can take Perpeteum, or something similar to it – Perpeteum is made by Hammer Nutrition – you may want to check out their website. A lot of their stuff is known for being made “naturally” – anyway, they have a good reputation. If you do decide to order anything through them, if you use the link off of my blog (right hand column) you can save more on the first order. (In the interest of full disclosure, they do give me a very small credit if you use that link, but it’s much less than what you’d save.)

    I use Endurolytes and Sports Beans too – especially in the mornings, gels are just too gross. You might want to try the sports beans – it’s like eating jelly beans! And the endurolytes (again, made by hammer) might help you a lot especially with the heat and humidity you get down there in D.C. Every person I’ve ever recommended them to has liked their effects. I think you can get a sample allotment of them in some stores and maybe online at their site. Do you have an REI near you – they carry some of their products.

    • Smarties? Like the candy? Anyway, I am going to give standard gels a try and then if they make me feel like I am going to hurl, I’ll try some of the hammer products. I know a couple of triathletes who swear by that Perpeteum stuff.

  4. there’s terri, pushing pills again. 😉

    i’m with her though – try out other running-fuel to see if your stomach handles them better. there are chewies and harder chewies and other gels and hopefully one of them will work for you.

    i also take my first after ~45 minutes. i tell myself it’s so it will kick in before i start to feel tired, but sometimes it is also a mental game with myself to help me run longer.

    i’m pretty sure most fall marathon programs have long runs of 7 or 8 miles right now, so you sound like you are in good shape!

    • Thanks for the tips. In my last marathon training, I was taking one gel 90 minutes in and then gels every 45 minutes after that, but that never worked out very well, tummy wise. I think I probably write a post soon dissecting how I should approach my nutrition.

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