Remaindered: Who Built The Moon?

Who Built The Moon? By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler (Watkins, 2007)

It must be said that V. Charm is not the only one of us with disturbing books on his shelf. After “proving” that the moon had to have been construction by an intelligence, Knight and Butler offer three theories for its existence: the moon was built by God, the moon was built by aliens, and the moon was built by humans in the future who traveled to the distant past in order to secure their own existence. In an amazing conclusion that would make the alien theory look good, they go with what’s behind door #3. In a radio interview with the authors, someone pointed out that the third option is a paradox, to which Knight and Butler smugly replied “Exactly.”*

Like listening to a street preacher, Who Built The Moon? is entertaining up until the point when it starts to give you a headache. I felt self-conscious about owning it, but it now appears that the value of the book has skyrocketed up to a starting price of $70 for a used copy on Amazon. Now that, is hard to believe.

Addendum: This is a work of non-fiction. It is not fiction or sci-fi.

*They also told listeners that since humans from the future traveled back in time to build the moon and secure our (and their) existence, “we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

-The Filled Slip

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