Remaindered: If You Were Enlightened, You Wouldn’t Find My Books Weird

I look to GoogleBooks and the advanced search feature of for running keyword searches and finding the research equivalent to a needle in a haystack. Did anyone in the 60s or 70s mention this one specific author or word? In a few seconds, you can find out. Unfortunately, between the two sites there are some big gaps: cheap paperbacks being one, and books that are too old to have been written in a digital format but too young to be in the public domain are another. In an attempt to cheaply bridge that gap for some research I was doing on yoga in the late 60s and early 70s, I started buying up cheap lots of books on yoga off of eBay and scanning through their indexes. I got some great hits for the research, but also scored some amazing, weird books.

I don’t know if Archie Bahm could have imagined that four decades later the world would be flooded by similar images.

As funky as the cover of the next book is, I still find it gorgeous.

You’re not getting dizzy, you’re getting enlightened.

And by “beauty” we mean “your ass.”

Namaste, nerds.

-The Filled Slip

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