On Tuesday, I was stupid. My club practice had us doing 200 meter sprints with thirty seconds rest. By the fourth sprint, I was starting to feel some pain in my right groin muscle, so what did I do? I ran ten more. Stupid, I know, but what can I say? It was drilled into me early to finish the work out.

And now, I’m hurt. The last two days I haven’t run a step. The groin feels better, but not 100 percent. I am going to take today off as well and hopefully, by tomorrow, it’ll be ready again for some miles.

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  1. smt

    GRRRRRRRR. Sorry to hear this! What is it about exercise that turns ordinarily intelligent people into the biggest idiots ever? (Which I only say because you know how much I’ve been injured myself. I had a hip/hamstring problem this spring from Jan -> Jun! Somehow I thought that the only way to heal it was improving my form by playing more squash!)

    Hope the healing goes quickly!

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