Training Totals for the Week of 10/9/2011

RECAP: When I started running seriously last year, I was training for the Vermont Marathon. My mantra when I dragged myself out in the snow and cold that winter was “respect the race”. At that time I had run one marathon, badly, and I didn’t want to do that again. So I rarely missed a run and I ran that race one hour faster than my first marathon.

Respect the race is something I still believe in. There is no point in running a marathon if you aren’t prepared. If you aren’t ready, then don’t run. Its better to fight another day than to beat yourself up for a guaranteed poor showing.

Well, I’m not ready. Philly is a month and a half away and a combination of injuries, work, and travel have absolutely destroyed my fall training. I haven’t run longer than ten miles in weeks. I still have some groin pain when I run and my work load shows no signs of slowly down. With all that in mind, I’ve decided to cancel Philly. While this bums me out, I’d rather race well than suffer through a subpar performance. I’m going to try and figure out a couple of 10Ks for the fall so all this training wasn’t totally in vain, but really I am already thinking about next year.

Alright, the numbers:


Run Streak: 0 days

Average Weight –182.5

Running Miles: 14.5 in 2:12:00

Bike Miles: 0

Body Weight Work: 0

Total exercise time: ~2 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – 4.5 in 40:00

Tuesday – 9 in 41:23:00

Wednesday – 1 in 9

Thursday – Off

Friday – Off

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off

Goals for Last Week:

  1. Run at least 50 miles – FAILED!
  2. Run a decent long run of at least 18 miles – FAILED!
  3. Reincorporate stretching – FAILED!
  4. Schedule physical therapy appointment – DONE!
  5. Lose a pound – DONE!

Looking Ahead

The less said about last week the better. Not running Philly is something of a relief though. now I can concentrate on fixing this groin injury and losing some weight in preparation for what I hope will be an awesome 2012.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Lose a pound
  2. Run at least forty miles
  3. Stretch 3xweek


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