Ankle, bad; Shoulder, good.

Took the ankle for a test drive last night on the treadmill, it felt fine for a half mile and then the pain started to come back. I shut it down and got back on the goddamn elliptical. Man, I hate that thing. Bu I am going to be spending a lot more time on it in the weeks to come. This ankle injury has been lingering for so long that I think sustained time off from running is the only thing that is going to fix it. I’ve scheduled a doctors appointment, and I’m thinking I’ll need another week off at least, maybe more.

BUT! Not all is doom and gloom in the world of Sean’s pursuit of fitness. I was cleared by the physical therapist to resume push-ups this week. I am going to use this enforced time away from running to kick up the body weight work again. I need to be careful to not overdue it on the push-ups, but pull ups, l-sits and more are in the works.

Eventually, I’ll be able to do this:

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