Your Occasional Stoic: The Camp Bed, the Hide Blanket

From Diognetus: to avoid empty enthusiasm; to disbelieve all that is talked by miracle-mongers and quacks about incantations, exorcism of demons, and the like; not to hold quail-fights or be excited by such sports; to tolerate plain speaking; to have an affinity for philosophy, and to attend the lectures first of Baccheius, then of Tandasis and Marcianus; to write essays from a young age; to love the camp-bed, the hide blanket, and all else involved in the Greek training.

Meditations 1:6

Diognetus was one of Marcus’s tutors, probably in painting and music.  Don’t confuse him with the Diognetus of the Epistle, an early Christian apologetic. That was almost surely someone else.  Nothing today is known of Baccheius, Tandasis and Marcianus.

The camp bed and the hide blanket – the rustic life. That’s something I need more familiarity with.  When I was young, my father and I went camping occasionally, but I haven’t slept out of doors in at least a decade.  Friends and I have vague plans for a summer camping trips, to head out to the Gunks, camp, climb and run. Sounds wonderful.

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