Recap: Week Ending 5.5.2012

Ugh, not a good week at the gym, but a good week with the books. You win some, you lose some.


Looking back – Work was out of control busy much of the week and time for the gym  disappeared.  I did make it twice, both times for relatively big sessions, including the start of a new tradition of “Super Saturdays” – once a month monster workouts at the gym.

Probably the best news of the week was that I ran, twice, with very little pain.  After a long time off, I think I might finally be on the mend. Here are some stats for the week:

Running: – 7 miles in ~1:10

Row:  5K in 21:32

Bike: ~14.5 in 50:00

Strength and Flex: ~3:00:00

Climbing: 0

Total exercise time: ~5:20

Looking Forward – Work is looking much more reasonable this week, and I am itching to put in some serious gym time.  Plus, I’m starting Wendler’s 5-3-1 program tonight.  I am still sore from Saturday’s stupid workout so this first session might be a bit of a bust.  Goals for the week are:

  • Work out six days;
  • Run three times;
  • Stretch everyday;


Not the best week body wise, but a good week mind wise with the four hour Hebrew marathon which I wrote about here on Sunday.  I’ll be looking to capitalize on that this week with daily study sessions.  Goals for the week:

  • Study for at least fifteen minutes six days;
  • Study for at least one hour one day.



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