Training Update

It is Thursday and I haven’t done a weekly recap yet, that should tell you what kind of a week it has been.  Nonstop work-a-thon and it shows no sign of letting up.  The only night I got out at a reasonable time was yesterday, and thankfully I had good session at the climbing gym.  Other than that, this week, like last week, and the week before is not looking very good.  It is, again, time to reassess.

Adding insult to injury (ha!) I finally went and saw a doctor about my foot – acute Achilles tendonitis apparently. No running until further notice. Fuck me.

As SMT said in a comment last week, I should make it a goal to set a reasonable goal. Everything I’ve been trying to do lately has been utter fail.  My job is just too demanding for the kind of exercise regime I dream of.  That doesn’t mean I cannot work out regularly, or study Hebrew regularly, but it does mean that ten hours a week of exercise is asking a lot and just sets me up for disappointment.  This week I am going to do things differently, just two goals for the week, both of them imminently reasonable I think:

  1. Exercise for at least five hours for the week.
  2. Study Hebrew for at least two and a half hours.

That shouldn’t be too hard now should it?

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