2000 miles in Prospect Park

As I ease back into regular running, I’ve been trying to not obsess over the numbers.  Sure I record the time and distance of my runs, but I haven’t really been digging into the numbers like I do when I am running seriously.  So, today, when I was bored and checking my stats on runningahead I was surprised to discover that somewhere in the last month, I ran my 2,000th mile in the Prospect Park.

2,000 miles around a 3.3 mile loop.  Those aren’t Luis Rios numbers, but I’m still pretty happy with it.  After all those miles, the park is still by far my favorite place to run.  I love see the regulars, and people out for their first jog.  I love running by the drum circle near the Parkside entrance, the cricket games at the top of the hill, and the rasta soccer games off Center Drive.  The park represents all that remains wonderful about Brooklyn – the diversity, the excitement; the people crammed shoulder to shoulder enjoying the largest open space in the borough.  It is an urban wonder that I am lucky enough to live just a half dozen blocks away from.

I’ve run the park loop in the rain at ten o’clock at night, and in the dark of the early, early morning.  I’ve run it when it was over 100 degrees and when the city was battening down for a blizzard, and in all those runs I’ve never gone all 3.3 miles without seeing someone else.  That is what makes this city, and this park, so special to me.  It is alive in a way no other place is, and I cannot wait to see it all again on my next run.

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  1. Samir Chopra

    I think I’m going to start doing a run once a week in PP. I’ve been scared about my ankle for a while but I think once a week can’t hurt. I enjoy the feel of being exposed to the elements and still remember my Central Park days fondly.

    And congrats on the 2K!

  2. seanv2

    Let’s get a run in together, Samir. I’m still building back the mileage, but am out there at least three days a week. I you take things slow, your should ankle hold up.

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