Numbers 9.3 – 9.9



Total Hours of Exercise: ~8
Running : 19 miles in ~3:24:47
Cycling Time: 0
Strength and Flexibility Time (stretching, lifting and bodyweight work): ~01:30:00
Climbing ~3:00
Other 0:00
Hebrew Study Time: 1:00

This Week on Milo:


  • Strong week for running.  I was feeling so good I upped the weekend run to eight miles.  Now I need to keep things reasonable and slowly, very slowly, build the miles.
  • Got some, but not enough, Hebrew done this week.  It is a start.
  • I finally took the belay class at my climbing gym, belay climbing is different from bouldering, less pure power, more endurance. I’m not sure what I think better.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Run at least three days of 5.5. miles – DONE
  • Stretch for fifteen minutes at least five days – DONE
  • Hit the climbing gym twice – DONE
  • Develop, and record, a reasonable Hebrew study schedule – DONE

This Week’s Goals:

  • Study Hebrew for at least 1.75 hours
  • Run at least 16 miles
  • Take, and pass, the gym’s belay test

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