Numbers 9.10-9.16



Total Hours of Exercise: ~6.5
Running : 22 miles in ~3:45:25
Cycling Time: 0
Strength and Flexibility Time (stretching, lifting and bodyweight work): ~00:30:00
Climbing ~2:30
Other 0:00
Hebrew Study Time: 1:45

This Week on Milo:

  • Its Wednesday and I know you were just dying to know where I’ve been.  Well the High Holidays have kept me busy, but I’m back now.
  • I added a new page to the site called the “jock roll” where I have a master list of personal blogs and websites organized by states.  If you’d like to see your blog there, drop me an email at miloandthecalf at gmail.


  • A busy week with travel and work but I still had a strong week running wise, things are definitely on the upswing there.
  • Met the Hebrew goal, just barely.  Baby steps.
  • Passed the gym’s belay test with ease, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise. Funny, but I’m nervous before every test, even stupid ones in a gym.
  • This week is crazy at work, I’ve already been traveling much of the week and will be traveling again this weekend, so all I’m hoping to do is not lose ground.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Study Hebrew for at least 1.75 hours – DONE
  • Run at least 16 miles – DONE
  • Take, and pass, the gym’s belay test – DONE

This Week’s Goals:

  • Run at least twenty miles
  • Cycle at least once
  • Study Hebrew for at least two hours
  • Develop outlines for a running plan for the rest of the year

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