Numbers 9.17-9.23



Total Hours of Exercise: ~5
Running : 25.3 miles in ~4:20:14
Cycling Time: 0
Strength and Flexibility Time (stretching, lifting and bodyweight work): 0
Climbing ~30
Other 0:00
Hebrew Study Time: 2:30


This Week on Milo:

  • I added a number of great blogs and websites to the  “jock roll”.
  • I realize that the large number of BQ(Q)s that have been on here lately may be exciting to some (like me!) while dull to non-runners who read this.  Fear not, I’ve got a lot of non running related content in the works, so stick around.


  • I knew this week was going to be tough. I traveled for much of the week, and when I wasn’t traveling, I was apartment hunting and working.  That I hit, and even exceeded, my run goal is nice, too bad some other things had to fall to the side.
  • Work is very busy and is likely to stay that way for a while.  I need to figure out a way to squeeze in climbing sessions at unorthodox times.


Last Week’s Goals:

  • Run at least twenty miles – DONE
  • Cycle at least once – FAILED
  • Study Hebrew for at least two hours – DONE
  • Develop outlines for a running plan for the rest of the year – DONE (sorta)


This Week’s Goals:

  • Cycle at least once
  • Study Hebrew for at least five hours
  • Run at least 24 miles

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