Training Totals – 10/15-10/21



Total Hours of Exercise: ~6.5
Running : 30 miles in 5:07:57
Cycling: 4 miles in 22:19
Strength and Flexibility Time (stretching, lifting and bodyweight work): 00:10:00
Climbing ~1:0:00
Other 0:00
Hebrew Study Time: 0:35:00


  • Good week for running, mediocre week for everything else.  Work is just too fucking busy to get everything done that I’d like to.  Life as an adult I guess.


  • I’m going to take a different path with these weekly round ups for a while – I’ll update the numbers, and note any changes to the site, but I am going to lay off the goals for a while.  Things will be what they will be.  I’m going to get in as much training and studying as I can, but I can’t beat myself up if I don’t have enough time for silly hobbies.

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