A Final Stand Against Bourgeois Normalacy

Attention conservation notice: Total navel gazing, nothing of substance here.

There was a time when I lived in a punk house in San Francisco.  I worked thirty to forty hours a week loading trucks and the rest of my time was my own.  I spent it in doing political organizing, reading, traveling, going to rock and roll shows, and generally living a life outside the work-a-day grind.  Those days are over for me.  Now, I’m an attorney, a married man, and I’m about to buy an apartment.  I work a lot, and when I’m not working more often than not I’m thinking about work or real estate, or some other iteration of capitalism of which my twenty one year old self would have disapproved.  I still do political work, but it is part of my professional life now, and unless it intersects with sport or philosophy, I have little interest in writing about it here.  The me of today is in many ways different from the one of ten years ago*, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t miss group houses, or being broke, or endless political meetings the outcome of which is the scheduling of more meetings, but I do hope to continue to carve out a little time for myself away from the forces of the market.  The activities which I write about here are what I do in that time.  Exercise, study, the other obsessions and interests I discuss here  are my final stand against bourgeois normalcy.  They cost me almost nothing to engage in and hold no economic benefit.  I do them purely for the joy of it.

As time goes on I hope this blog will both provide useful information for those who share my interests and give me a space to ruminate on my idiosyncratic hobbies.  I hope it isn’t too boring.  I’ll try to keep the navel gazing to a minimum.  Hebrew, rock climbing, stoicism and running have little in common, except as they reflect parts of me – a wannabe scholar and an aging jock.  As time goes on, the particular subject matters covered here will likely change.  Hebrew may become Latin, rock climbing may become yoga, but the over ridding principle that this website for me to explore the parts of me which do not fit into my professional persona will remain constant.  I hope you stick around.

* In many other ways, I am the same – I am still a slow runner and I still think Jim Calhoun is the greatest coach in the history of college basketball.

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  1. Nelson

    We did have some good discussions loading those trucks.

    1. seanv2

      Yes we did sir! I remember you bringing Boethius’s Consultation of Philosophy to the warehouse… only in San Francisco.

  2. Rob

    I’ve done the do gooder thing, and I’m doing the grind it out it’s-just-a-job thing. But I think I’ve come to the conclusion that you can do more good with a little money than you can with good intentions and a ramen-stained futon

    1. seanv2

      So true, Rob. I’m happy where I am, and I think the groups I support are happy as well.

  3. MM

    you also still love Jawbreaker, and pump your fist the Earth Crisis. Don’t lie. I have been thinking more and more about this subject lately and oddly i find myself going the other direction. Right now my profession is progressive social change. I don’t do any of it on the side, while i do donate money to other causes then the ones i work on. I am less and less drawn to professionalization and more and more drawn to labor jobs, and the free time i would have to pursue my other interests, like rock climbing, writing, reading philosophy, and generally enjoying life. The grind is getting me down, unfortunately i was not born rich. In the new scenario of not getting paid for political work, i think my participation would be brought down to writing about it, and giving money, which feels better for my soul, really.

    1. seanv2

      Dude, I just got a new Cro-mags shirt!

      Its funny because you and I work out together so much, yet how we think about balancing work, politics, and working out are totally different (except both of us are not that excited about sitting in anymore meetings in the back rooms of bodegas). When you move to that trailer in Bishop, save room on the couch for me to visit.

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