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1000 Little Memories: The Gamelan Player

New series of very short posts recounting specific moments in my life. I was living at Post St. in San Francisco, a punk house of some renown. We had tons of people staying their all the time. Bands, friends, and … Continue reading

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Lessons From Re-write

When my dad was a young reporter, he used to be a stringer for the New York tabloids. He’d work a story, get it down in his notebook and call it in, reading it (including all punctuation and paragraph breaks) … Continue reading

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Mailer’s Executioners Song

Executioners Song Norman Mailer Norman Mailer’s best work. Actually, the only work of his I’ve ever thought was worth the time. A painstakingly reported, and near perfectly executed, telling of the life of Gary Gilmore, the troubled drifter who was … Continue reading

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1000 Little Memories: Here’s My Jimmy Breslin Story

Here’s my Jimmy Breslin story: I was working at the Center for Constitutional Rights on a campaign to stop the price gouging of collect calls from prisoners and I was pitching every single columnist in New York City to cover … Continue reading

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Ahmed, My Old Bodega Guy

I was inspired by last night’s demonstration by Brooklyn’s Yemeni bodega owners and thought I’d share a little about my local guy, Ahmed from New Dubai Mart. Ahmed and his brother left Yemen more than a decade ago, first working … Continue reading

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In Defense of A Private Life

From his days as an artillery captain, Hamilton had kept a paybook with blank pages in the back, while on Washington’s staff, he filled up 112 pages with note from his extra-curricular reading. Hamilton fit the type of the self-improving … Continue reading

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Implementing Lessons from the Blue Zones, Inconveniencing Myself, and Other Things I’m Focusing On In 2017

So-called “Blue Zones” are areas of the world in which people have significantly longer, healthier lives than the world-wide average. Blue Zones have been researched and written about pretty extensively and in a popular book about them, Dan Buettner extrapolated … Continue reading

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