A Hebrew Update

In yet another attempt to keep on task regarding my Hebrew study, I’m going to update the study once a week.

It’s been rough, as many of you noted, doing this on my own is difficult.  This week I managed half an hour, bringing my sad, sad total for the year to 35.5 hours.  That means I have to study for 64.5 hours by Monday January 4th to reach the arbitrary goal I set here.  That’s about seven and a half hours a week – a lot more than I’ve been doing so far.

I’ve got the alphabet down, and my ability to sound out words on sight is improving, albeit slowly.  I’m also reading Joel M. Hoffman’s In the Beginning: A Short History of the Hebrew Language.  It has been informative, if difficult for someone with no background in linguistics.  I’ve learn quite a bit about the way Hebrew works as a language, but not surprisingly, the more I learn, the more questions I have.  But not having access to a professor, I’m kind of screwed.  I have family members I could ask, but who wants to talk about Masoretic punctuation at a family party?*  Finding some way to have a structured class like experience in the spring has to be a priority.

Another priority? Consistency.  I have got to get after it on a regular basis, and for sustained periods of time, or I am not going to get anywhere.  Onward.

* It BLEW MY LITTLE GER MIND that, if I understand Hoffman correctly, the vowel symbols in Hebrew originate sometime around 600 C.E. and 800 C.E.  How crazy is that?



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