Training Totals – Week Ending 1/13/2013

Overview:  We’re finally settling in to the new place, and I feel like I am finally settling in to a workout routine.  It isn’t perfect yet, but it’s a start.  Running wise, I’m finally starting to get out there regularly again, the weekly mileage isn’t there yet, but it will be soon.  The little mini-goal I’ve set is to get a running streak going and keep it until I’m on pace for 2,000 miles for the year.

I did the bodyweight baseline tests last week.  This week I’ll start the strength and skill training in earnest.

Hebrew was another goose egg . That will change this week.

Oh yeah, and I’m really excited to hit the heavy bag in the gym a little bit.


  For the Week For the Year
Total Exercise Time ~5:00:00 ~6:30:00
Run 22.8 in 3:28:21 38.3 in 5:49:46
Prospect Park Loops 3 6/365 (359 to go)
Push Ups 1 session – 30 30
Pull Ups 2 sessions – S1:6/5; S2: 8 19
Dips 1 session – 5 5
Squat 1 session – 30 30
Handstand 0 0
Pistol 0 0
Flexibility and Balance ~00:15:00 `00:15:00
Hebrew 0 0

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Scholar, gentleman, jock. I run the website Milo and the Calf. There you will find the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire where runners share their stories of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You'll also find my thoughts on endurance sports, ancient history, Judaism, and hundreds of book reviews.
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