Grinding it out

As a blogger-nerd birthday present Joe over at movementmovement was kind enough to drive some traffic to this blog.  Thanks Joe.

Today is my 38th birthday.  Feels like a good day to take stock.  I’m married to an incredible woman.  I own an apartment I love.  I work, all the time, at a job I find constantly stimulating if occasionally overwhelming.  I’m running  a lot, and it’s all been pain free.  I’m doing (supported) handstands for over a minute, and I’m climbing v2s (and the occasional v3).  Life is busy.  It’s often hard but it’s also great.  I feel like a lucky man.

These next years are going to be all about the routine of work, mortgage payments, endless miles, hours in the gym, and more hours with my head in books.  It’s going to be dull.  At times I’ll want to stop.  But as the principal goes down, and the miles go up, I’ll get where I’m going – bit by bit, dollar by dollar, mile by mile.

Mostly it will be routine and uninteresting, but sometimes it will be exhilarating.  I can’t wait.


About seanv2

Scholar, gentleman, jock. I run the website Milo and the Calf. There you will find the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire where runners share their stories of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You'll also find my thoughts on endurance sports, ancient history, Judaism, and hundreds of book reviews.
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3 Responses to Grinding it out

  1. Oldman says:

    and one day you’ll wake up and you’ll be 50. and it will have been worth it. and you’ll wonder how the time flew by.

  2. Samir Chopra says:

    Happy birthday dude. Good luck for all that lies ahead.

  3. smt says:

    And soon you’ll have a slightly less demanding qualifying time for Boston! Sorry, I couldn’t resist…:)

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