For the past month my personal projects (i.e. exercise and recreational study) have been in that uncomfortable middle ground of not entirely sucking, but not being very motivating either.  I’ve been running, but only about twenty miles a week.  I’ve been studying, but only sporadically.   I’m doing pushups, pull ups, and handstand training, but not in a very systematic way. I always want to do more, but life always gets in the way.

It feels like I’ve written some version of that paragraph a dozen times since I started this website. Like all bloggers, I’m good at self criticism and as always, I will try to get better.  I’ll post here more, run more, study more.  Life is life, work is work, and sometimes it feels like there is just no room left in the day for vain pursuits.  I’ve had many days like that lately, where I ate three meals at my desk and came home too tired to do anything more than fall asleep.  But today isn’t one of those days.  Today, I’m getting a run in.

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