Let’s talk about me.

It’s a Friday in late August and for once, my office is quite.  I don’t expect this to last.  I actually expect my boss to return from a meeting at any moment and ruin my weekend.  But for now, its slow, and I thought I’d reflect on the year so far.

My personal life is great, my professional life is plugging along, but my fitness and study life, the life I write about here, has been, well, lackluster.  I feel like I haven’t looked up from my desk in a month.  That isn’t exactly true, I’ve run a little, cycled some, and gotten to the climbing gym once, but it has become very clear that the best laid plans for the year are out the window.  Capitalism has won the day.  Time to regroup, prioritize and push forward.  Time to remember that exercise and study are not my job — my job is my job.  Exercise and study are supposed to be hobbies I do to relax, not additional burdens in my life. Time to figure out how to fit these things in without driving myself crazy.  Anyway, here’s what’s going on.


I’ve had an injury free, but uneventful year.  Nothing has sidelined me, but I also haven’t put together any sort of serious training block.  In part, this is because I have shot too high, hoped for too much.  In part, its because I haven’t figure out how to manage my time as efficiently as I need to.  Either way, its come time to dial down the goals and work things around my crazy ass schedule.

How? Well I’m changing my fall racing plans.  I thought this was the year of the marathon for me, but I was wrong.  It might be many years before there is another year when I have the time to properly train for a marathon, and you know what? That’s just fine.  There are plenty of other distances to race.  Right now, I have my eye set on a half marathon PR at the Hartford Marathon in October.  After that, I’m declaring the rest of 2013 and the first part of 2014 the TIME OF THE 5K.  I’m backing off on going long and focusing instead on going fast.  I’ll still need to get in the miles, but I won’t need to commit three and half hours on a Saturday to a long run.  That is a serious fucking relief.  I’ll return to the marathon, and to dreams of Boston, but probably not for some time.

Body weight work remains fun, and as it is more a skill than endurance, it isn’t much of a time commitment.  I still expect a freestanding handstand and a pistol by the end of the year.  If you’re lucky, they’ll be video.

Climbing, as I’ve written recently is simply a diversion. I don’t train it, and I don’t think I’ll start doing so anytime soon.  It’s the first thing I let go when I have to prioritize and that’s fine.  If I never climb anything higher than a v3, I won’t be too sad… ok, maybe I will be, but there’s only 24 hours in a day!

Added to all this is something else you’ll be reading more about around here – cycling.  In an effort to make my exercise time more efficient, I’ve been commuting by bike at least a couple of times a week.  It’s easier, and frankly more enjoyable, than the run commute.  I’m really pretty into it, and as things in my life get crazier and crazier, I can see cycling playing a bigger role.


Oh Jesus, Hebrew.  What a mess.  Pathetic. I’m terrible at it, and am stuck at knowing the alphabet but having zero reading skills.  I’ve got to up my game here, but absent a class (for which I definitely do not have the time) I’m not sure how.  Perhaps I’ll revisit the streak idea, and try to grind out a little time everyday.  We’ll have to see.  One thing is for sure, I won’t have the the Shema down by Rosh Hashanah and that is a big disappointment.

Try, fail, try again, fail better.

Other stuff

There are other things in my life besides working out and learning Hebrew.  I’m interested in ancient thought and history, sports, the outdoors, and the Irish American experience.  Expect more on these topics, more BQ Questionnaires, and some new features in the months to come.

Just don’t expect this thing to ever get updated as frequently as most blogs.  If I have to choose between living and blogging, I’ll choose living, every time.

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