Losing It

Yesterday, I ran.  But only three miles.  No real pain and no need to rush things.  After that, I spent about forty five minutes on push-ups, pull-ups, handstands, stretches and balance drills.  it was low key, and it was fun.

Last night was exactly the kind of thing I’m interested in right now.  Long term, I’m not sure where my exercise is going, but all the things I’m interested in (i.e. running, cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering, etc.) reward the thin. I’m never going to be Dave Graham, or Ryan Hall, but I could always stand to lose a couple of pounds.

Dave Graham, 5′ 9″; 137ish; crushing some problem
Ryan Hall; 5’10”; 130ish, killing it at the USA marathon trials
Me; 6′; 175ish pushing a kid in a giant plastic tube

Currently, I’m weighing in at 175, which is about where I’ve been for the past year.  I’d like to see what it feels like to be about ten pounds lighter.  So while I am on this find myself reexamination of my working out life, I’m going to actually watch what I eat for the first time, half-heartedly track calories, and see if I can slim down a little.  I’m not going to go on a diet, but I am going to try and be smarter about what I put in my mouth — cut down on the carbs and beer, and re-up on the greens and water.  I’ll update my weight in the weekly training totals going forward because I know there is absolutely nothing you care more about than how much I weigh.  Lets see what kind of results I can produce.

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  1. smt

    You know how to improve your strength to weight ratio? CLIMB A LOT!!! 🙂

    I have to admit that I really shouldn’t give you a hard time about watching what you eat since I definitely do it too. Just as someone who is constitutionally unskinny, but has a decent amount of success at both of these things (I think I’m bouldering pretty well for how long I’ve been doing it, and have gained an insane amount of strength), I guess I think that doing them more is the real ticket to success. But I know that you don’t have all the time in the world.

    But what I actually wanted to comment on is: how is your core/ab strength? I’ve noticed that my running pace has picked up pretty significantly since I’ve gone whole hog with the climbing…I usually run my 6 mile 6x/wk run between a 7:30 and an 7:50 pace these days, and I’m convinced that it’s all of the strength that I’ve gained. It’s kind of nuts, and I feel like I’m flying all the time without even trying. Anyway, we have really different running backgrounds, but it’s something to think about: lots of overhang routes (good for the abs) might help your running!

    1. seanv2

      I am climbing more! But time is at a premium for me, and the easiest way for me to get better at climbing (and running) while sitting at my desk is to not eat as much. So far, so good, I’ve lost a pound since I wrote this post!

      As for my core, I’m not doing any core specific exercises, but I am doing a lot of push ups, and the overhang room is my favorite place in the gym!

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