Training Totals For The Week Ending 6.29.2014

Run Miles for the week: 33.7 in 4:53:41
Run Miles for the year: 492.8
Projected total miles for the year: 999.3
Run Streak: 33
Number of runs that were one stupid mile: 2
Number of days until I beat my old run streak: 81
Prospect Park loops for the week: 4
Prospect Park loops for the year: 43
Average weight: 175


Notes: A perfectly fine week of running, though once again, life got in the way of forty miles.  Oh well, fail better and all that. 

Still, things are moving along.  I was pleased, if not overjoyed, with my performance in Saturday’s Pride Run and I let that take the place of a work out. It was clear from the Pride Run that the real weak link in my running remains my lack of that extra gear. Endurance is coming along fine, but speed? Its just not there.  So this week, it’ll be another midweek tempo run, and maybe some more speed play antics on my daily runs.

I have to travel to DC this week for work which means I’m going to have tot do my first truly stupid run to keep the streak alive by getting up at like four in the morning tomorrow to run one dumb mile.  I’m promising myself that I won’t try to run through serious injury or illness, but I am also not letter a scheduling issue get in the way of getting it in.  

I’ve started taking pictures on my daily runs, you can see them (and roughly 1,000,000 pictures of my son on my instagram — 

Anyway, Goals: 40 miles, one work out, blog every day, get back into Hebrew and begin tracking it here.


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