Training Totals for the Week Ending 7-27-2014

Run Miles for the week: 18.8 in 2:48:30
Run Miles for the year: 586.3
Projected total miles for the year: 1034.1
Run Streak: 0
Number of runs that were one stupid mile: 0
Number of days until I beat my old run streak: 114
Prospect Park loops for the week: 3
Prospect Park loops for the year: 53
Average weight: 178
Total Exercise Time: ~2:45:00
Hebrew: 00:00:00
Books Finished 2 (Parentology, Dalton Conley; The Merry Wives of Windsor, William Shakespeare [Folger Edition])
Total Books Read for the year 19


Notes: Well, I ran. Not much, but it was something. The New York Road Runner Club Championship is this coming weekend. Looking forward to see where my fitness is at, and watching some fast amateur kick my ass.  I hope I do at least as well as I did a month ago at the Pride Run but I fear it will be worse. We’ll see.

Goal for the week: run; race

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