Friday Inspiration – Shalane Flanagan and the Berlin Marathon

This coming weekend (the 28th) is the Berlin Marathon where Shalene Flanagan is going to attempt to beat the America record. If she does it, she’ll be only the second American woman, after Deena Kastor, to break 2:20.

This is the second time in a year Flanagan has laid it all out there with an epic goal. In the spring, she hoped to win Boston, something most fans of the sport knew was a long shot. Still, she gave everything she had. She didn’t win, but she did set a new American women’s record on the course. Here’s an emotional interview with her after Boston:

The American record is also going to be tough.

As Flanagan said in this Runner’s World piece,  “I may epically fail, but at least I’ll find out whether I have what it takes. It’s a daunting task.”

I really hope she gets it.

There’s about 10,000 videos online of Flanagan. She’s charming, funny, and beautiful and many of the videos focus on her personality. Fewer of them focus on her running. Here’s one of the better one’s I found that shows her actually running:

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