2015: What to Expect from Milo

Is there anything more uninteresting than a blogger blogging about what he plans to blog?

Probably not.

Yet here I am, about to tell you what I plan to do with this website in the coming year. Why? Because things are going to change a bit and I think you, dear reader, deserve some notice.  Here’s what to expect from this website in 2015

Consistency. My motto for this year is consistency — my work, in my exercise, in my personal development and in my writing here.  While I don’t plan to write here every day, I do plan to post here much more often than in previous years. The goal is 365 posts for the year. As you can see below, some of this will be more of the same, some of it will be new.

More Questionnaires. I have been running the BQ(Q) project for a number of years now, and with the publication of a piece on the project this past fall, it has really started to get some legs. We’re rapidly closing in on 100 questionnaires and this year, I hope to finally reach that milestone. I also hope to finally put all this information into a more useable (and analyzable) format.

Not Just questionnaires. Most of the readers of this website come here to read the BQ(Q) responses. But in the coming year, I plan to post a lot of different things, not just BQ(Q)s. “Like what?”, you ask. Like the following:

  • More Navel Gazing – Over the years I’ve posted a whole bunch of recaps of my training and racing, and the occasional rumination on my running or intellectual life. I plan to more of all of that this year. If you know me personally, it might be interesting. If not, you’ll probably skip it. But whatever, it’s my website.
  • More Books. – When not running around in circles, working, or raising my kid, I’m probably reading. It’s a deep passion of mine and something I have written about throughout the years in various forums. I plan to repost many of those writings here, as well as new pieces on what I’m reading, what I want to read, and book culture in general.
  • Maybe Some Actual Reporting? My current job involves a lot of contract negotiation and drafting and not much narrative writing. I’m going to try to keep my writing chops up by writing some more thought-out posts. Expect some pieces on New York’s socio-geography and forgotten history.  And perhaps some reporting on the spiritual group the Community, (aka “Divine Madness”).

So, lots of new stuff coming down the pike. If you’re like most readers of this website, you don’t care. You’re only here for the BQ(Q)s. If that’s all you’re interested in, may I suggest that start checking www.bostonqualiferquestionnaire.com 

That will bring you to the slightly redesigned BQ(Q) page where I’ll be featuring the latest responses to the Questionnaire, and eventually, compiling the responses into a more usable format. BQ(Q)s, and everything else, will still be posted here on the front page.

Blogging! So exciting!

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