Some thoughts on the nature of blogging


If there is anything more boring than the navel gazing of a blogger, its meta-navel gazing about blogging from a blogger.

Yet here I am, blogging about blogging. Why? Because, word is, blogging is dying. Content is now filtered through twitter and Facebook. No one checks a blog anymore to see what so and so has to say about such and such. Hell, even Andrew Sullivan is quitting the game. Instead of trolling through their bookmarks or their RSS feeds, readers now check their Facebook feed and follow links their friends have shared. It’s a little disturbing that so much of our online reading is now curated by the Facebook algorithms, but that’s progress folks. Resistance if futile.

What does this have to do with Milo?

Well, I often want to post things here which are entirely outside the blogs alleged theme of this blog (i.e. not about running, classical philosophy or Judaism), but I fear that my readers will be like “the fuck? I came here to read about people’s stories of qualifying for Boston, I don’t care about this arty book collector.

But what I’m realizing, by looking at the stats, and following the analysis of our changing use of the internet, is that this isn’t how people are reading the site. Aside from my few actual real life friends and family (hi Mom!), very few of my readers come here regularly to see what I posted. Even fewer use an aggregator to follow what I’m writing about. Most come here through a google search, or a link from FB or reddit. They read that page and generally, that page only.  If they’re here for the BQ(Q)s they might linger among those for a while. Some check out the about me page, but then they’re on to the next thing.

Though I update this thing like a blog, it really functions more like a website of individual pages. I’m going to start treating it as such. I’ll be putting up whatever I want to write about and letting the Facebook algorithms and whims of reddit take the site where they may.

Stay tuned for many more things you wouldn’t expect to see on a blog about running.

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