Totals for the week ending 2.8.2015

Run Miles for the week: 24.8 in 3:53:21
Run Miles for the year: 155.6
Projected total miles for the year: 1419.9
Weekly/Daily averages to reach 2k run miles 40/5.7
Run Streak: 2 (13/6.5)
Number of runs that were one stupid mile: 0
Days until I beat my old run streak: 112
Prospect Park loops for the week: 1
Prospect Park loops for the year: 7
Bike Miles for the week: 0
Bike Miles for the year 0
Projected total bike miles 0
Weekly/Daily averages to reach 1k bike miles 21.5/3.1
Body weight work 00:00:00
Total Exercise Time 4:00
Average Weight 182
Books Finished: 1 (A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal, Ben Macintye)
Books by Women 0
Total books for the year 3
Total books by women 1
Percentage of total books read which were written by women 25%
Books per week to reach 52 1.05
Milo posts for the week 3
Milo posts for the year 16

Notes: I still don’t want to talk about. It was my birthday this weekend (more on that at another time). On my birthday I took a long hard look in the mirror and said “the marathon doesn’t care that its cold out. It doesn’t care that the roads are covered in ice, and it certainly doesn’t care that you’re tired. You’re not getting younger here, tubby, so its time to get off the coach.” I swear to fucking god this week is going to be different!

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