This Years Main Events

Last night, it became official – I’m running the New York Marathon in November. And with that, my racing schedule for the year is pretty much set. More for my own amusement than anything else, here’s what my endurance year is looking like — goals are in order of importance (yes, sometimes finishing is more important than having fun):

Date Event Goal
May 16 Brooklyn Half-Marathon A: Enjoy myself

B: See what the legs have for Vermont two weeks later


D: sub 1:45

May 24 Vermont City Marathon A: PR

B: Sub 4

July 19 New York City Triathlon A: Relearn how to do triathlons


C: Sub 3:00

Late August Presidential Traverse A: Finish

B: Have fun

November 1 New York City Marathon A: PR

B: Sub 3:45


I’ll surely add some 5ks and 10ks here and there, and I’m thinking about doing an open water race in June, but these are the goal events. I’ve never had this many goal races in a single year. It’s a little intimidating, but also very exciting.

So far, I’m happy with how the training for Vermont is going. I’m running better than I have in a long time and I’m excited to see what this aging body can do. If I can stay healthy, this is going to be a hell of a year.

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  1. golddh

    that’s a lot of PRs for one year. Regardless, it’s a fun slate of races (I’ve done the brooklyn half and the NYCM) and I’m sure it will be a blast. Best of luck!

    1. seanv2

      Yeah it’s a lot, but my PRs at these distances are all pretty soft! Are you running any of these races this year?

      1. golddh

        I moved to California last week so I’m more focused on the west coast. First weekend out here I got one in – https://rundavidrunblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/the-razorback-endurance-race-amazing-race-but-no-pigs/. The warm weather makes February / March racing wonderful.

      2. seanv2

        Excellent! I really wish I was in California right now. It’s thirty five degrees and raining here in NYC.

      3. golddh

        Not to rub it in, but…the day I left NYC (two weeks ago from Sunday) it was snowing and my flight got cancelled due to weather. When I arrived it was 65 and sunny. Made me wonder why I’d waited so long!

        Of course the summers are so hot here it makes it hard to train. So there’s a trade off.

      4. seanv2

        Yeah well as you know, August here is just gorgeous 🙂

  2. Modernist Cavegirl

    Right there with you, down to the pace goals for NYC Tri and Marathon. I’d be running Brooklyn, too, but I’m Sherpa-ing for a friend’s Half Iron Man the same day. See you in Prospect one of these days!

    1. seanv2

      Really? EXCELLENT! We’re we going to try to do a run at some point? Didn’t I drop the ball on that? We should make that happen!

  3. smt

    Best of luck Sean! I will pray to the gods of not getting injured (who have severely let me down as of late!) for you! Can’t wait to read about how these things go..do update us!

    1. seanv2

      Thanks Stephanie! When are you coming down to run the Triboro with me? Also, any interest in the Presidential Traverse in August?

      1. smt

        When are you coming to Boston to boulder with me? 😉 When will I ever be uninjured?

      2. seanv2

        I would love to go bouldering with you! Though by now you’re way better than I ever was.

        (I miss bouldering a lot by the way, I can’t wait until the little dude is old enough to do it!)

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