Review: Vaughan’s Pride of Baghdad

Pride of Baghdad

Brian Vaughan

Pride of Baghdad is a graphic novel about a group of lions set free by the US invasion of Iraq and their attempt to navigate the city during the invasion. It is a short little book (I almost feel guilty giving it a number in the notebook) but strangely moving. Its written by Brian Vaughn, one if the best writers I know in graphic novels*. He also writes Y: The Last Man, which is among the best comic books I have ever read.

The writing here is good, the plotting very good, and the art is fantastic. The book downplays the politics behind the Iraq was  the politics more than I would have like, probably in an attempt to reach a wider audience, but it is still a moving little work.

Recommended for the enthusiast.

*Note: I have no business making this pronouncement, I do not really read graphic novels.

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