Review: The Davinci Code

Ed Note: This review originally appears in a now defunct livejournal account in 2007.

The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown
challenges, to forget. Sometimes what you need after a hard week is Jack Reacher setting the world right and getting the girl. There is nothing to be embarrassed about in enjoying that. There may, however, be something embarrassing about having read the Da Vinci Code.

It is horrible. The writer is awful, the characters poorly drawn and the plot so out-of-this-world unbelievable that not even I, reader of monsters in space science fiction, could stomach it. .

I suppose part of the reason this became such a phenomenon was the conspiracy angle.. Here you’ve got the Jesus, you got the blasphemy and pervy S&M monks bent on world domination. Maybe that’s the appeal – to read about something that transgresses basic Christian belief yet it so incredibly implausible that no one would give it any credence.

By now you know the basic plot of the book – Jesus married! His descendants live! It’s a conspiracy theory that’s been around for whole. In fact, much of this is taken from Holy Blood, Holy Grail a book I read as a teenager that left a strangely deep impression on me. (Holy Blood, Holy Grail is also not a very good book, by the way, but I’ll take it over this trash any day. ) Its juicy stuff, and could be done much, much better in the hands of oh, say, Umberto Echo. But here’s its played for cheap thrills and pushed forward with the worst sort of “as you know Bob” explanation. It’s really unforgivable that this thing was a bestseller.

America, I will never understand thee.

Not recommended.

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