New York Marathon — Initial thoughts

1. There is no better showcase for what an insane, welcoming, chaotic, difficult, enormous, wonderful place my adopted hometown is than the New York Marathon. If you haven’t run it, you must.

2. Time was 4:23:13. I was definitely hoping for better. Something is up with my training, as I had the same last miles cramping I had in Vermont. I don’t think its nutrition, I think its a combination of fatigue and prolonged stress on the muscles, but I’m not sure. Definitely back to the drawing board this winter.

3. While NYCM is a wonderful experience, its logistically insane. I won’t be doing it again for many years, I think. Waiting four hours on Staten Island is insane, and walking over a mile after the finish is just cruel.

Still, I love this race. Already cannot wait to cheer next year.

Much more to come in the days and weeks ahead.

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