Review: Dufourmentelle’s Negri on Negri

Negri on Negri: in conversation with Anne Dufourmentelle
Antoni Negri and Anne Dufourmentelle

Antonio Negri – seventies radical reborn in the early 2000s as darly of the left with his massive theoretical work on the nature of late capitalism and resistance to it (Empire and Multitude). He’s one of the few fashionable Marxists that one should take seriously. Here he is at his most accessible, talking about his history, both the personal and political and about the ideas that went into Empire.

The book is a collection of interviews, organized alphabetically. Fittingly, it starts with A for Armed Struggle. Negri served a serious prison sentence for his alleged involvement in the Red Brigades, the left wing terrorist organization in Italy in the seventies and eighties (he denies the charges in the book).

This is a great place to start with a very important thinker whose writing tends to be rather difficult.

Recommended for the enthusiast.


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