“A whole bunch of nothing” – Totals for the week ending 12.13.2015


Run Miles for the week: 0
Run Miles for the year: 1350
Projected total run miles for the year: 1411
Run Streak: 0
Run Streak Mileage: n/a
Days Until I Beat My Old Streak n/a
Bike Miles for the Week: 0
Bike Miles for the Year: 557.9
Projected total bike miles for the year: 583
Body Weight Work: 00:00:00
Total Exercise Time: 0:00:00
Average Weight: 175
Books Finished: 0
Books by Women: 0
Total Books for the Year: 51
Total Books by Women: 26
Percentage of total books by women: 50
Books per week to reach 52 ~.4



Notes: work’s crazy, my wife’s work is crazy, our son turned two and E’s mother turned seventy. We hosted large parties for both, plus applied for a passport for the little dude, attended four other parties and worked like dogs. I was stressing out so badly about trying to get the runs in that it was counterproductive and I decided to say “fuck it” and took the week off. Back to the roads next week, hopefully rested and rejuvenated.  

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