I Suck at Exercise But I Read a lot: Totals for the Week Ending 12/20/2015


Run Miles for the week: 14 in 2:31:42
Run Miles for the year: 1,364.1
Projected total run miles for the year: 1402.5
Run Streak: 0
Run Streak Mileage: n/a
Days Until I Beat My Old Streak n/a
Bike Miles for the Week: 23 in 1:55:13
Bike Miles for the Year: 580.9
Projected total bike miles for the year: 597.3
Body Weight Work: 00:00:00
Total Exercise Time: ~4:30:00
Average Weight: 173
Books Finished: 1 (The Big Short, Michael Lewis)
Books by Women: 0
Total Books for the Year: 52
Total Books by Women: 26
Percentage of total books by women: 50
Books per week to reach 52 0



Notes: Another tough week with work and family obligations, but I did start to get back after it in the second half of the week. Writing off December as a loss right now, looking towards next year.

One nice thing – I did hit my 52nd book for the year! And early! This allows me to start a bunch fo books I’ll finish in 2016. Sandbagging!

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