I Suck at Exercise But I Read a lot: Totals for the Week Ending 12/20/2015


Run Miles for the week: 14 in 2:31:42
Run Miles for the year: 1,364.1
Projected total run miles for the year: 1402.5
Run Streak: 0
Run Streak Mileage: n/a
Days Until I Beat My Old Streak n/a
Bike Miles for the Week: 23 in 1:55:13
Bike Miles for the Year: 580.9
Projected total bike miles for the year: 597.3
Body Weight Work: 00:00:00
Total Exercise Time: ~4:30:00
Average Weight: 173
Books Finished: 1 (The Big Short, Michael Lewis)
Books by Women: 0
Total Books for the Year: 52
Total Books by Women: 26
Percentage of total books by women: 50
Books per week to reach 52 0



Notes: Another tough week with work and family obligations, but I did start to get back after it in the second half of the week. Writing off December as a loss right now, looking towards next year.

One nice thing – I did hit my 52nd book for the year! And early! This allows me to start a bunch fo books I’ll finish in 2016. Sandbagging!


About seanv2

Scholar, gentleman, jock. I run the website Milo and the Calf. There you will find the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire where runners share their stories of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You'll also find my thoughts on endurance sports, ancient history, Judaism, and hundreds of book reviews.
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