Review: Brown’s Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons – Movie Tie-In
Dan Brown

In my attempt to understand America, I read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons
1. It is terribly written. There, I said it. Now to be fair, I don’t know if I could have written it. For many reasons. I couldn’t sustain the level of cliff hanger chapters, or reference to the heroine’s lithe yoga body or the allusions to sinister revelations to come. Perhaps this means I have taste for a different kind of literature. Perhaps this means I will never make millions writing novels.

2. I’m intrigued by people’s fascination with the Catholic Church. Conspiracy theories give meaning to a largely meaningless and fucked up world and while I am sure most of the people who read this stuff don’t think the Illuminati are real and planning to take over the world, the fact that they are eating up a book about a bunch of nerds and bishops is interesting. The lasting nature of the Vatican and the Catholic Church as a symbol of mystery and secrets is fascinating, especially in a world where the Catholic Church is more and more irrelevant all the time.

Not recommended.

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