Data Analysis of Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Part IV: Crosstraining

A little less than half of BQ(Q) responses did any any form of cross training. But what about those that did? Lets take a look.

cross training


image (5)


Many of the respondents to the BQ(Q) survey were not only runners, but triathletes, so no surprise that, along with strength training, swimming and cycling come in with the most responses. As a bit of a triathlete myself, I’m glad to see that one can do more than run and still qualifying.

If I could do the whole BQ(Q) experience over again, I’d love to have asked more questions from the beginning. One of them would have been “what kind of strength training”? We really don’t know. Some people said bodyweight work (and I made that a separate category) but for most of the respondents, I have no idea if strength training meant deadlifts or barbell curls. If you’re a runner with a BQ, who does strength training, tell us in the comments what your program looks like.

For futher analysis of the respondents to the survey, check out this page. 

9 thoughts on “Data Analysis of Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Part IV: Crosstraining

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  2. I do a lot of lifting, 3 or 4 times a week. Pull ups, squats, calf raises, planks, dips are the major ones.

    -Justin, from your earlier BQQ

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  4. Interesting data. AS a Boston qualifier, I will say that it’s tough to include cross training in with the full running schedule– hard to fit in anything beyond miles! I do add in strength training though, and sometimes a spin class, so this isn’t too far off from my experience.

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