The BQ(Q) – Top Ten Female Respondents

This post collects the ten most popular responses from female runners. All responses are cataloged here. Interested in taking the questionnaire? You can find it here.

  1. Laura (aka Frayed Laces), Age: 25
  2. Kristy (run the long road), Age: 34
  3. Janae J (Hungry Runner Girl), Age: 24
  4. Lindsay (Chasing the Kenyans) Age: 24
  5. Candice S Age: 23
  6. Stephanie T Age: 27
  7. Jane (50 State Canuck) Age: 28
  8. Lauren R Age: 25
  9. Kristine Age: 34
  10. Ginny Age: 41

One thought on “The BQ(Q) – Top Ten Female Respondents

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