62 Day Challenge Day 10:…and, fail

Day 10 done, 52 days to go.

Reflection: And at the ten day mark, fail. We were prepping a witness today from 11-3 and they ordered in lunch. Fuck it, chicken sandwich. A better man then me would have resisted, I’m sure. But the flesh is weak.

Again tomorrow, I guess.

Ran home from work and it was still light outside when I got home. Spring is in the air.


Daily Weight 178.2 (weight, why you no move?)
Breakfast 1 bananas, 1 apple
Lunch Chicken sandwich
Dinner Chicken curry
Run: 7.5 in 1:17:42
Bike: 0
Swim: 0
Strength/ Flexibility: 15:00
100 push-ups (20,20,15,15,15,10,5)
Total Exercise Time(day/week) ~01:30:00/03:40:00
Mediation: 10:00
Steps (goal/actual) 13464/19548

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