Back to Basics (Again)

When was the last time you were fast?

Check the log. Winter 2010 to Summer, 2011.

What were you doing?

Running. A lot. Up to fifty miles a week, all of it easy.

Why did it end?

Too much too soon. Got greedy, started speed work, pulled you groin. Then the job got crazy, then the kid came, then another, and here you are. Older, fatter, slower.

What were those days like?

It felt great. You set a 5k PR at the end of a fifty mile week. You had a marathon PR in your sights. The daily miles flew by. You weren’t wearing a heart rate monitor. You weren’t fretting about zones or MAF ranges.

You were running.

Let’s give that a try again. Build up slowly. Take your time.

There’s no hurry.

Let’s not over think it. Let’s put in the miles. Do the time. Enjoy the process. See what happens.


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    Steadily and surely.

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