Review: Mondo2000’s Users Guide to the New Edge

Mondo2000s Users Guide to the New Edge

R.U. Sirius, Rudy Rucker, Queen Mu

Friends, now-a-days, it seems hopelessly naïve that the birth of the internet age would bring with it a techno utopia of virtual reality, direct democracy, and extensive leisure. But in the early 90s, to a certain set of California techno-utopians (and the small town kids, like me, who picked up their books and magazines), all this and more seemed possible. We were entering a glorious age of discovery and play! New modes of thinking were developing! The way we organized society was changing! Everything would be different, and better!

We hoped for a future free of toil, we got cat videos.

This is a book collecting the writing centered around that early magazine of “cyber” culture, Mondo2000. I read it in 1994, so my memories a bit vague. I do recall lots of talk about virtual reality, transhumanism, and smart drugs. In fact, it was after reading this that I started taking massive amounts of B-12 in the hopes that it would make me smarter. I stopped when my high school girlfriend complained I was starting to smell like a vitamin. I was no smarter.

*edited* While one of the authors of this, Rudy Rucker has had a long career as a scientist. Perhaps Mondo2000’s utopian dreams weren’t all for naught. Through the wonders of cyberspace I’ve gotten in touch with one of the guiding forces behind the project, R.U. Sirius. He’s active on twitter (@StealThisSingul) still writing and generally being weird.  Queen Mu is still around, but, apparently, not online.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read this now, but for a kid stuck in a small town, it was an insight into a strange weird world. I am forever thankful for that.

Recommended for the enthusiast.


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  1. wanderwolf

    “We hoped for a future free of toil, we got cat videos” is totally quotable.

    1. seanv2

      I tell it like it is.

  2. papayasf

    Queen Mu is still around, but offline. Here’s R.U.’s most recent book: http://www.transcendencethebook.net

    1. seanv2

      Hey Thanks! I saw R.U. is also active on twitter, exciting to see him still active. If you know Queen Mu, tell her Mondo2000 opened up a whole part of the world to this small town kid!

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