Top Ten Boston Qualifier Questionnaires

With the Boston Marathon once more right around the corner, I thought I’d look at more than 200 responses I’ve received to the survey and pick out the top ten most popular responses by regular, everyday people*. Here they are:

Tim T (Male, 31)

Laura (Female, 25)

Abe M (Male, 34)

Kristy (Female, 34)

Janae J (Female, 24)

Craig (Male, 33)

Darrel (Male, 32)

Lindsay (Female, 24)

Doug O (Male, 28)

Candice S (Female, 23)

Thanks to these and all the other respondent for taking part!

Share your story by filling out the survey here. 

*Some of these responses are so popular because they were early, some because the respondent has a large social media presences, some because they’re just really good. Hope you enjoy them and feel a little inspired.


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