Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Art

The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire — Sam

Name: Sam

Sex: Male

Age (at the time of first BQ): 41

Height: 5’7″

Weight (at the time of first BQ): 140

At which marathon did you get your first BQ? Run for the Red Poconos

Tell us a little about the race. 2:48 marathon debut, ran with a teammate, quiet heavily downhill course, plastic cups, ran relaxed. Took of 8 minutes 6 months later in NY with more targeted training.

How long had you been running when you ran your first BQ? 18 months

Did you run in college or high school? Yes

What was your approximate lifetime mileage at the time of your first BQ? 3500

How many miles did you run in the year before your first BQ? Didn’t answer

Approximately how many races did you run in that year? 12

Did you follow a canned program? If so, which one? If not, can you give us an idea of what your training philosophy was? no

Did you run with a running club or utilize a coach? Yes

Did cross training play a role in your training? If so, how? no, but regular body weight exercises

Did speed work play a role in your training? If so, how? generally two workouts a week, one 5K or faster, one HM/MP

Any other thoughts you would like to share with those of working towards a BQ? Run many different paces as part of your training. Keep easy days easy so hard days can be hard. You only get out the work you put in.

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