Steinhauer’s Middleman

MiddlemanOlen Steinhauer

If literate, smart, fast paced thrillers are your thing, you should pick up every Olen Steinhauer novel as soon as it is published. He is without a doubt amongst the best in the business. This thriller about a leftist social movement (or is it a terrorist organization?) which one day tells its members to pick up and leave is exactly the kind of mind candy I can’t put down. I finished it two days, staying up far, far too late

Some thrillers manipulate you into reading more with a cliff hanger at every chapter. Steinhauer doesn’t go for anything so pedestrian. He keeps you reading by keeping the pace high, the characters compelling, and the ideas complex enough to ensure that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time.

Make no mistake, this is entertainment, but its top-flight entertainment and if this sort of dad airplane book genre is your thing (and it is definitely my thing) Middleman is not to be missed.


Olen Steinhauer
Olen Steinhauer

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