Review: Harari’s Home Deus


Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Yuval Noah Harari 

The second in Harari’s trilogy on the past and future of our specifics. This isn’t quite as jaw dropping brilliant as Sapiens, but still well worth your time.

Sapiens takes all of human history and distills it down to a clear story powered by a compelling thesis – that what makes us human is our ability to create narrative. Homo Deus takes that story into the future and attempts to explain what the world will become now that humans have developed near divine powers of creation and cognition. Spoiler alert — the future is exciting and terrifying. We will extend life for the most advantaged of us, but make the less skilled irrelevant. We will need to address our treatment of animals and the planet, or face dire consequences.

As always with Harari, this book is chock full of challenging ideas presented in crystal clear prose. Some might find the tone of this too all knowing, but I appreciate a writer willing to stake a position and defend it well, even if at times I disagree with their conclusions. This and everything Harari writes is, from where I sit, a must read.


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