Review: Sack’s On The Move

On the Move: A Life
Oliver Sacks

I’ve always been interested in Sacks as a person, even if I’ve never been particularly interested in his work as a neurologist. His intelligence, eccentricity and playfulness are on full display in this memoir. From motorcycling across the country and breaking weightlifting records, to discovering his calling as a sort of popularizer of neurology, this book does not disappoint. The man is endlessly fascinating, and his life long curiosity is an inspiration to a live long learner like myself. No, I’m never going to memorize the periodic table or collect rare metals, but yeah, I might just move to City Island one day and take up long distance swimming.

There’s real criticism to level against Sacks and his use of his patients stories, but there’s also much to be inspired by in the life story of this man of apparently huge curiosity and kindness.


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