Review: Winslow’s The Border

The Border

Don Winslow

The final book in Don Winslow’s trilogy about the drug war completing the story of a troubled American agent and his series of drug king pin nemesis. While not as stark as Power of the Dog, and (thankfully) not as violent as The Cartel, this was still top-notch crime writing. I am a sucker for a Winslow book — the pacing, the dialogue, the characters are all right up my alley. You’d be right to criticize the white savior aspect of some of this book, but the plot is so propulsive, and the research into the way drug cartels actually operate so fascinating I couldn’t put it down.

Though not as violent as some of his other books, it is still much more violent than your average novel, so be warned. Great crime writing here, but of a particularly bloody sort.


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